• Download the software by pressing Download” button from the web site. Please, do not use file system you lost the data from as a target location to save the files!
  • After the download is finished, you get a .tar.xz archive.
  • Unpack contents of this archive to /tmp folder. This will produce an “.install” executable file.
  • Open this file to start software installation. In case of issues with the file permission assignment, open terminal and assign “execute” rights for this file:

  • $ sudo chmod +x /tmp/*.install
    $ su root -c chmod +x /tmp/*.install

    # chmod +x /tmp/*.install

  • When started by ordinary (limited) user, the software manager will ask for execution rights elevation. If it does not, it’s advised to start the installer using user account with elevated rights:

  • $ sudo /tmp/*.install
    $ su root -c /tmp/*.install

    # /tmp/*.install

  • After installer application is started, continue software installation with “Software Manager”.

In the Software Manager

  • Read the introduction and press Next.

  • Read warning notes carefully and press I have read and understood the information above to continue.

  • Read the license agreement carefully and press I have read and accept the End User License Agreement above to continue.

  • Choose folder for software installation. You may keep default location or change it using Browse button.
    Warning: target storage (disk or disk partition) must NOT coincide with the storage with the lost data.

  • Tick software actions after installation and press Finish.

Now the software is ready for use.